Tuesday, April 26, 2011

25 April 2011

Ted Goodman's class at Lexington High School. (with Billy).

A few observations on shihonage ura:
  1. When nage's back is to uke, push nage's butt into uke's space. Bend knees so uke's hand is extended and low (so nage can see it, but uke's hand is as low as possible.)
  2. Grip: grab with opposite hand, under so it can twist uke's wrist. Free attacked hand and, then palm down, snag uke's thumb between nage's thumb and index finger. Attacked hand doesn't have a grib, but it has leverage. (Often Shihonage is performed by grabbing with attacked hand.)

22 April 2011

John Donnelly @ NE Aikikai, 7am class.

I took Billy.

The class was katatatori attacks (gyaku).

John showed my a kokyuho (sitting) technique using juju-nage. Nage cross arms and raises them. Then pushes uke backward.